tisdag, januari 16, 2007

I have been tagged by Richard!

This is a new phenomenon to me. I’ve been tagged by Richard Richthoff. I don’t really know what this tagging movement is, But I am afraid that if I don’t respond to it and pass it forward both me and my blog will be cursed.

So I have to tell you five things about me that you probably don’t know about me.

1. I am a collector, and I have always been... I try to look at myself as minimalist. And we try to have a minimalist home as too much things just makes you stressed. But I am a collector and I have a really hard time getting rid of stuff. And as I can’t display all my different collections, I just try hide them so that my girlfriend don’t make me get rid of them. Right now I am into collecting old golf balls... But next week it might be something else. It used to be Star Wars figures and Fantomen magazines before.

2. My favourite cities in the world is New York and Istanbul. I hope I will be able to live there for a while sometime...

3. When it comes to food, I always go for the safest bet! Others might say that I am predictable. For example: My favourite restaurant is Grodan in Stockholm where I always choose a "Ragmunk" and a beer. And if I go to a restaurant and there is a burger on the menu, my choice is easy. I am telling my friends that I am working on finding the world’s best burger! But I am not sure that’s the only truth. By the way... I think I found a candidate for the Worlds best burger! It was a Bishops Arms in Norrköping!

4. One of my biggest problems is that I always have a really hard time to realize that the day is over and that it is time to go to bed. No Mather how tired I am, I never manage to go to bed in time. And when I finally go to bed, I always come up with a bright idea that makes me go up again and write it down before I forgot it. I think that my most productive hours are between 22 and 02. This little problem makes me hate mornings! The only thing that can make me get up with a smile is when I am going for an early round of golf. I wonder if I am born to live in another time zone!

5. I am a "plate spotter". A friend of mine introduced me to the game about a year ago. The idea is that you should try to find registration plates on cars in numerical order. Starting with 001 you should try to find all combinations up to 999 (the letters doesn’t count). For the first 10 months I struggled hard. I found 001 and as I owned 002 the next plate was simple. But then it got harder. It wasn’t until November I found that the car besides me in my garage had 003. Then I realized that I have to start looking more careful. Since then I am dangerous in the traffic. I can’t walk or drive without looking at plates. Right now I am looking for plate number 022. Can you help me? A friend of mine who was also introduced to the game recently yelled while driving in Stockholm "Why are all idiots parking so damn close to each other?!? I
can’t see their plates!"

So now it is my turn to tag someone else! I am passing the mic to my friends Magnus Björk and Jimmy Andersson

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